Harnum Industries is located in Salisbury Massachusetts . We provide solutions for our customers when rigging a piece of equipment or relocating an entire production facility.

Harnum provides the right Rigging knowledge and equipment to solve all your Rigging needs. Our staff are expertly trained and work in all environments.

G.H. Harnum founded the company in 1933 in Cambridge, Massachusetts. His son, Gordon L. Harnum, carried on the family tradition until 1996 when his youngest son, Keith Harnum, took over. Keith has continued to grow and operate the company now known as Harnum Industries.

In 2022, Harnum was acquired by MEI Rigging & Crating, one of the largest specialty and industrial equipment moving providers in the U.S. Read The Press Release to learn more about how this partnership will enable Harnum to expand our geographic footprint while continuing to provide industry-leading services to all our customers.


Harnum Crane & Rigging does not just provide rigging, they provide a total solution including all the logistics, personnel and equipment to complete the most simple move to the most complex challenges your company faces today.

Harnum Industries has the experience and modern equipment to provide solutions for all your Rigging needs. If you are moving equipment large or small, transporting or relocating an entire facility call Harnum Industries today.





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