Harnum Industries, Ltd.
Harnum Industries, Ltd. is the original and longest serving Rigging Services Company under the name of Harnum. 

G.H. Harnum started in the rigging services business in 1933 in Cambridge, Massachusetts and his son Gordon succeeded him in the company that still stands today as Harnum Industries, in Methuen, MA., Salisbury, MA. and Hampton, NH. 

Harnum Industries the original rigging services company is NOT in any way affiliated with WF Harnum Rigging and Millwright Services. Further, WF Harnum Rigging and Millwright Services were formerly called WF Harnum Industrial Maintenance of Billerica. 

The company, Harnum Industries, owned by Keith D. Harnum, is the same company founded in 1933 by G. H. Harnum. Harnum Industries is the premier company serving the Boston Massachusetts area providing rigging services, while also providing low cost, high quality services specializing in machinery moving, rigging, millwright services, specialized moving, machinery erection, machine installations, crane services, trucking, warehousing, NELMA certified crates and packaging services.

When calling Harnum Industries for Rigging Services, be sure to always call 800-225-0998 and when you ask for Keith, be sure you ask whom you are talking to, as there has been some confusion with customers calling WF Harnum Rigging and Millwright Services by mistake, when they really want to talk to the original Harnum Rigging Company. 

If you call a rigging services company called Harnum, be sure you are talking to The Rigger, www.therigger.com, which is Harnum Industries and you have not made the mistake of calling WF Harnum Rigging and Millwright services.

If you want the highest quality rigging and millwright services, the most experienced riggers and personnel, call Harnum Industries, Ltd. at